Increase your coaching impact and earn 2 CE's.

Well-Being & Positive Psychology Theory & Coaching Tools is an approved continuing education course for National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWCs) with a value of 2 Continuing Education Credits. ICF Coaches: 2 CCEs Resource Development.

Increase Your Coaching Impact in Just 2 Hours!

➔ Learn the Positive Psychology models on increasing well-being.

➔ Employ evidence-based tools and strategies to increase client flourishing.

➔ Grow your impact and elevate client satisfaction.

➔ Expand your brand and offerings with Positive Psychology research and tools.

➔ Access downloadable exercises and worksheets you can start using immediately.

➔ Earn 2 CE's and a Certificate of Completion.

➔ Self-paced completion time just 2 hours.

➔ On-demand, begin and complete anytime.

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When Does the Course Start?

The course begins March 15, 2023, but you can begin any time after that date.

When Does it End?

We know you're busy! Because it's self-paced, it ends whenever you finish! Take it all at once, or do it over a longer period of time.

Do I Have To Attend Live?

Great news! No, you don't! The course is delivered asynchronously and all lectures are pre-recorded so you go at your own pace!

When Will I Get My Certificate?

As soon as you complete the course your certificate of completion will be ready to download.

How Many CE's Will I Get?

NBC-HWC: 2 CE's. ICF: 2 CCE's RD.

What If I'm Not a Coach?

We'd love to have you! Anyone can benefit from learning the theory, models and tools of positive psychology and well-being!

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Course Value $150

The art & science of leadership, human potential, and positive change.